Child Wears Aunt’s Sex Toy As Bracelet & We’re Embarrassed For Her

We’ve had our fair share of embarrassing stories, like our mom finding our diaries or having “the talk” with our dad, but nothing will top this story about a 20-year-old’s sex toy accident.

Ben Lauder, 20, left a cock ring on his 18-year-old girlfriend Amy-Jade Barlow’s nightstand. Seems like a safe enough place, although they’d soon learn that the drawers might have been a smarter spot to hide a toy. After leaving for work one evening, Ben received a startling text from Amy-Jade that spiraled into a hilarious nightmare.

After being on the receiving end of his girlfriend’s rage, he said, “I just replied asking ‘What?’ and I was trying to think what I’d done wrong now. I was not expecting to get that at all. When the picture came through I just couldn’t believe it.”

Amy-Jade sent her boyfriend a picture of her two-year-old niece Macy posing like a girl that just got the most beautiful piece of jewelry in the world… except it wasn’t jewelry on her wrist. It was a cock ring in all of its pink glory.

Later, Amy-Jade said, “I was sat on the sofa and Macy had been talking about a new watch and kept going on about her new pink bracelet and I was like ‘What is she talking about?’ then I looked and I just couldn’t believe it.”

She quickly took the “bracelet” from Macy and stashed it in a better hiding spot, but her niece flaunted it to everyone, including Amy-Jade’s mother, who was confused about what the strange bracelet was, but her daughter convinced her that it was better left unknown. Ben was worried about confronting his girlfriend’s family after the incident, but luckily, everyone got a laugh out of the experience. He also admitted that their shared sense of humor “keeps stuff interesting” and “helps keep our relationship healthy.”

Unfortunately, Macy didn’t take the loss of her pretty pink bracelet well. According to Amy-Jade, the little girl kept crying and rummaged through her drawers trying to find it. Hopefully, Macy doesn’t remember this, but it would make for a great story when she’s older.

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