Bikini Selfies May Have Saved One Woman’s Life

I used to hate my moles. I had two big ones, one on my face and another on my stomach. They were these annoying specks that stood out and no amount of makeup was going to cover them up. Eventually, I had to come to terms with them. This woman, however, was fed up with one mole ruining her perfectly angled bikini selfies. In the end, a trip to the doctor saved her life.

21-year-old Cloe Jordan, a resident of Wolverhampton, decided to consult a doctor about a large blemish on her stomach that she said ruined her pictures. It was supposed to be a normal consultation, but after telling her GP that the mole had grown in size and changed color, Jordan was subjected to more testing. A few months later, a biopsy confirmed the doctor’s suspicions. Jordan was diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

After the startling discovery, she quickly had the spot removed. According to Jordan, she had no idea her mole could have killed her. She only felt like it was in the way of her photos and felt numb when doctors told her the deadly diagnosis.

“I felt numb,” She told Daily Mail. “I never imagined to get something so serious while being young, but I’m so thankful it was getting in the way of my bikini selfies now, as it has definitely saved my life.”

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. It’s estimated that 9,730 deaths will be caused by melanoma in 2017.¬†Ultraviolet rays from the sun are typically the main cause of melanoma, but some evidence suggests that tanning beds may also be the cause of the skin disease. Luckily, Jordan claims that she’s only used tanning beds a handful of times.

Despite keeping quiet about her diagnosis to everyone beyond her close family members, Cloe Jordan recently decided to share her story online. She admitted that the experience really hit home and is changing her outlook on sunbeds and laying in the sun. For now, she’s awaiting further tests to continue treatment to see if the cancer has spread elsewhere. Jordan admits that the journey to recovery has been painful, but friends and family have been a great support.

I’ve been overwhelmed with messages of support since posting my story online and I’ve lots of girls messaging me with photos of moles that they’re concerned about.

I would tell anyone who has any worries over skin changes to get themselves checked by a doctors, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lisa Bickerstaffe, a member of the British Skin Foundation, said, “Cloe’s story is a reminder that it’s always worth telling your GP or dermatologist about changes to a mole or a patch of skin, however insignificant it might seem.”

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