Good Samaritan Raises Money For Popeye’s Employee’s Nursing School Tuition

Imagine if a total stranger raised the funds for you to afford to go to college. It’s almost unbelievable and sounds like a dream come true. That ultimate act of kindness is exactly what happened to 28-year-old Popeye’s employee Shajuana Mays in Kansas City. It was a regular day for her when a customer named Donald Carter struck up a conversation as she worked the drive-thru. Carter, a former detective for the Kansas City PD, noticed how fatigued Mays was during their chat. They had a brief conversation, in which Mays told Carter that she was going back to school to be a nurse, something she wanted so badly that it didn’t even matter what type of nurse she became.

When Carter got home, he was still thinking about his encounter with Mays. He was struck with inspiration, deciding to fundraise enough money to get Mays her nursing license. The license costs 1,500 dollars alone, not including tuition and other common fees. Carter took to Facebook, writing a post asking for any of his 1300 friends to give what they could in a random act of kindness.

“I figured if I could get about 300 of my Facebook friends to put up $5 each, we could do it no problem,” Carter told KTRK. Little did he know that his act of kindness would grow much more than he could have ever anticipated. In just 24 hours, the GoFundMe page raised over $1,700 for Mays. Mays, of course, had no clue about any of this. After more local news picked up the story, the number of donations continued to increase. After WDAF covered it, the number jumped up to $4,400.

The GoFundMe page has now reached over $14,000. Carter has since approached Mays and told her about the campaign. Both were moved to tears as they talked in the Popeye’s that they met. The experience has been overwhelming for both of them. In just 10 days, 518 people have anonymously contributed to Mays’ education without even personally knowing her.

“This is definitely my [guardian] angel,” Mays told WDAF about Carter. “And my angel eats chicken.”

Carter recently updated his GoFundMe page with this statement; “Thank you for being encouraging and affirming with your words. I’m asking that you continue. Continue to give – not just to a GoFundMe campaign for one person. Give your attention to those around you. Give your kindness. This is just the beginning of something good for our worlds. In fact, it’s the continuation of the good. This didn’t start here – but it continues here.”

Hopefully, more people will be inspired by the selfless actions that Donald Carter took. He really did prove that one small action can cause a chain reaction of good deeds.

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