This Student Got Banned From Attending Prom Because Of Her Ankle-Baring Dress

Everyone knows that school dress codes these days are getting a little out of hand. More and more schools are doing way, way too much when it comes to rules. Especially this school, which had an incident involving a student’s banishment from prom because of the length of her dress. No, her dress wasn’t short, but it seemed short in her principal’s eyes.

According to Yahoo Style, Amari Williams from Carencro High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, wanted to have a special senior prom. She even skipped out on her junior prom just so she could make her senior prom a more memorable time. Excited and eager, Williams worked hard to save up money for a custom-made dress that would definitely make the night even more memorable.

Despite the fact that Williams received approval of her dress design beforehand, she was turned away at the door from principal Mary Qualey. Why? Because, according to Qualey, the dress somehow went against the dress code.

Her dress wasn’t low cut in the front and the back of her dress wasn’t completely exposing her bare back. Also, the dress she wore didn’t have any offensive writings on it. So, why did the principal dress code her?

Because Williams’ prom dress exposed her ankle.

Her ankle! Yikes. This isn’t the 1800s.

Student Gets Banned From Prom

“The length [of the dress] has to be all the way to the ground, all the way around; kind of easy to remember. In this case, the dress was not all the way to the ground and on that basis, it wasn’t considered a formal dress,” said the Lafayette Parish School System chief administrative officer Joe Craig.

They mentioned how a letter was sent to the student’s parents in January detailing the dress code. However, Amari and her mother Troynetta Williams mentioned that Principal Qualey had previously approved the dress. After getting a phone call about the issue, Troynetta rushed to the school scissors and pins in hand prepared to make any necessary alterations on site.

“I asked [principal Qualey] what was going on, [the dress] was approved months ago and she OK’d it. She told me, ‘I’ve seen a lot of pictures.’ We just kind of stood around, and my daughter was in tears,” Troynetta said.

“The dress code, when I looked over it, it did mention that the dress had to be floor length, and they considered it not formal since it wasn’t the same length all the way around,” Williams told Yahoo Style. “But then I brought it to her attention that some of the rules in the dress-code policy also state that midriffs, high splits, or low back dresses aren’t allowed. As I’d been standing there, I saw she’d been allowing all those types of dresses into prom, but here she denies my daughter, and she’s dressed appropriately, not showing any skin or anything inappropriate at all. Her response to me was she used her own judgement.”

Whether or not the dress code was violated, schools should refresh their rules because it is the 21st century and women shouldn’t be obligated to hide their ankles anymore.

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