Katy Perry Just Googled Hot Photos Of Herself For Her Latest Instagram Post

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Katy Perry has a LOT of people rolling their eyes over her latest Instagram post – and we’re not sure if this was an accident.

After sharing some admittedly not-so-flattering photos of herself over the past few days, the pop star decided to remind everyone that she’s still a famous smokeshow with a sexy photo of herself.

But if you’re going to Google yourself, girl, maybe crop the search term off the top?

Katy shared the sultry pic to Instagram with the caption “was feeling insecure about my last two posts so,” but either forgot or neglected to hide that she Googled “Katy Perry Hot” for the confidence boosting image.


For the record, here are the two previous posts, a throwback pic as part of a lackluster April Fool’s joke and¬†screenshots from a FaceTime session during a¬†jaw massage session (ah, the life of celebrities).



We all know celebrities probably Google themselves all the time, but sharing it with the rest of the world? Meh.

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