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Counting Down The Craziest ‘Real Housewives Of New York City’ Moments







We’re so excited that Real Housewives of New York City is finally back that we just had to count down all of the craziest moments from its past seasons. There are actually a ton of feuds, fights and drama to choose from. This is a Real Housewives show, after all.

This show is messy but we live for it! Who could forget when Aviva threw down the gauntlet her leg at a dinner party? And remember the disastrous Morocco trip? Or the trip to Fire Island? Basically, if the housewives are going on a trip, you know there will be some incredible drama.


We counted down the most amazing feuds and fights in the history of RHONY so you can relive all of these glorious moments. You’re welcome.

5. The Miami madness.


When you mix the Real Housewives with a small yacht and a destination like Florida, drama just naturally ensues. It’s the perfect mix of terror. This is where Bethenny brought her issues with Luann’s beau, Tom, to light. Bethenny got a text from a friend saying that Tom was cheating on Luann. She thought that the best time to bring it up would be on the gals’ trip celebrating Luann and Tom’s engagement. Talk about bad timing. When Bethenny told Luann about the rumors, Luann flew into a rage against her frenemy. She was mad at Tom, who cheated on her, for all of ten dramatic-as-hell minutes. Most of her rage was consequently aimed at Bethenny, who only relayed the information. Hasn’t Luann ever heard of the phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger”?

By the way, we feel for Luann here but her confronting her fiancé through text message over the incident gave us maybe the funniest moment from season 8. “How could you do this to me” Luann starts to voice into her phone. She finished this serious accusation with, “Question mark.” We’re still laughing.

4. Aviva and… her leg.


Yes, Aviva literally threw her leg on the ground in a rage during a dinner party. Aviva may not have been anyone’s favorite housewife (seriously, no one was Team Aviva), but she will be forever remembered for this moment. Everyone was obviously shocked by this, which is the appropriate reaction. This extremely over-the-top action stemmed from people questioning whether Aviva really had asthma or other ailments. She then screamed that the only thing fake about her was her leg and… Well, the rest is history. This moment could have achieved #1 status but you could tell that Aviva had this one in her back pocket for the entirety of the season. So, we had to take some points off for lack of serendipity. Sorry not sorry, Aviva.

3. Dorinda going awf after Bethenny and Luann’s drama.

RHONY Dorinda

Wow, Dorinda truly did make this moment NICE! This moment got major points because of how iconic it remains even after the fight. Dorinda’s reaction is perfect to use in almost any situation. To think, it all came from Dorinda going the hell awf because of Bethenny and Luann fighting and making her Berkshire getaway not-so-nice. What were these two even fighting about? We can barely remember. All we truly remember is that Bethenny called Luann a “whore” and Luann replied by saying that Bethenny was copying her haircut. It was such a fail of a comeback that it was hysterical. Like Dorinda, we’re ashamed that this happened (but so glad that it did).

2. Hell Revisited Scary Island

Scary Island was just… a lot. In particular, it featured Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel at peak crazy. So, obviously it had to be high on our list of wild Real Housewives of New York City moments. Kelly told Bethenny that she felt as though she was trying to kill her (???) and called Alex a vampire (?????). It was confusing, wild and gave us the iconic Bethenny line, “Go to sleep. GO TO SLEEP!” There was too much tension and awkwardness for this to not make the top five moments of this show’s history.

1. The Entireeee Morocco Vacation

Scary Island may have been wild, but the Morocco trip is tops for the all-time craziest Real Housewives of New York City fight. It starts off with Ramona and Jill fighting about Jill’s damaged relationship with Bethenny and some lingering St. John’s drama. Their weird, petty argument ends with the most classic shot of Ramona having a freak-out on her bed. It’s so WTF that it’s iconic. Then, Alex takes it upon herself to make a desperate attempt to repair things and asks Luann to talk. Luann and Kelly are not having it and make fun of her for being weird. There were so many housewives involved in this one Morocco incident that this multilayered feud was, and is, the most dramatic one in Real Housewives of New York City. If you think otherwise, you can just stay out of it!!!

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