‘Dabbing’ & ‘Dad Bod’ Have Been Added To The Dictionary So Consider It Lit

Well, English class is officially in session and today’s vocab lesson is a little different.

Dictionary.com has added a reported 300 new words to its list of phrases and definitions and this year’s choices are definitely lit AF. In what sounds like a father trying to relate to his teenage children, the website has included youthful, urban phrases, including ‘dabbing,’ ‘slay’ and ‘struggle bus.’

Yes, dabbing is officially an esteemed and distinguished word in the English language.

Here are a few of the newest (and strangest) additions to the dictionary, according to Elite Daily.

  • 420
  • alt-right
  • bitchface
  • burkini
  • cat cafĂ©
  • cheat day
  • clicktivist
  • cold brew
  • dabbing
  • dad bod
  • friendiversary
  • hangry
  • K-pop
  • Kush
  • lightsaber
  • man bun
  • mic drop
  • petrichor
  • sext
  • slay
  • smackdown
  • stochastic terrorism
  • struggle bus
  • superfood
  • teachable moment
  • throw shade
  • uncanny valley

If anyone can form a coherent sentence using three of those words, it will be a true miracle.

According to Jane Solomon, a lexicographer that spoke to CNN, new words are actually most often found through everyday habits, including texting and using Twitter, as well as through a ton of research of patterns and sources.

“It takes a lot of time and effort and thought… we give every word the same amount of respect and attention and care,” Solomon said.

Take a moment to give your fam a much-needed English lesson. Consider it a teachable moment, and after you’re done, just make sure to dab on ’em.

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