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Women Are Coming Out Against Luke Pell, Saying He Promised To Propose To Them On ‘The Bachelor’

Luke Pell Bachelor

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In case you haven’t realized it by now, the best Bachelor drama happens off the show.

Luke Pell, who was set to be the show’s leading man until the rug was pulled out from under him at the last second in favor of Nick Viall, is being accused of being a total player.

Are you strapped in?

The drama started on March 21 when a woman named Airelle Snyder, who now dates Jordan Rodgers’ brother Luke, shared this video on her YouTube Channel about how she was supposed to be on the latest season of the reality dating show, thinking the Bachelor was Luke.

Long story short, Airelle says Luke contacted her and persuaded her on come on the show, promising to pick her in the end.

When Luke wasn’t chosen as the show’s leading man, he ghosted on Airelle.

According to some reports, Luke also promised Jubilee Sharpe, a contestant on Ben Higgin’s season, and a wine tour guide named Holly Allen that they’d get the final rose.

Flash forward and Lauren Hussey, who appeared on Nick’s season but was sent home right away, said she also got played by Luke. She and Airelle told their stories in another YouTube video titled “The Almost Bachelor: Our Untold Story.”

Lauren says she got in touch with Luke, saying she wanted him to the Bachelor. She had a “gift” for him she figured she might as well give to him, and they start up a relationship that lasts months. They even watched Nick’s premiere together (awkwardly, I assume).

She too says she got played by Luke.

Oh, and there’s photographic evidence that they were definitely hanging out.

Even host Chris Harrison is weighing in on the drama, responding to fan’s tweets about the drama.

Now, Luke was a total sweetheart when I spoke to him on the Candy Dish podcast, where he addressed Chris Harrison’s constant digs at him, but all I can say is that there are two sides to every story.

“They want to slash my character,” the Texas native told Us Weekly of the recent drama. “I’m respectful. If they want to take it in another direction, that’s their prerogative. I don’t approve of it, but that’s their choice.”

Luke claims Hussey reached out to him after she was sent packing on night one of Nick’s season.

“We kept our relationship quiet and got to know each other,” he said. “We didn’t know how to handle it, if we wanted to go public or stay private. I was trying to take it slow. There’s so much pressure and attention on social media. I didn’t want to make this harder than it had to be.”

Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.