Every Single Netflix Show You Should Be Watching In April

If there’s one thing we always make time for, it’s Netflix. We all look forward to that time of day when we’re done with our obligations and responsibilities and can unwind by watching our favorite shows on our phone or laptop. Netflix doesn’t just┬ástream movies or shows from other networks, there are many shows that are exclusive to its network. We can always count on Netflix delivering when it comes to entertainment. Here’s every show you should be watching in April.

13 Reasons Why

Based on the 2007 novel, 13 Reasons Why covers sensitive subjects like bullying, sexual assault and suicide. It centers on Hannah, a high school student who commits suicide and leaves behind tapes to show why she took her life. As the season goes on, it’ll be interesting to see how the show, executive produced by Selena Gomez, handles issues like assault, cyber bullying, and mental health. There are some definite differences between the book and the show, which will heavily feature the influence of social media to relate to the current digital age.


Marvel’s Iron Fist

It was a good year for Marvel in 2016 and 2017 shouldn’t be any different. It’s the fourth Marvel series on Netflix, alongside Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The show definitely isn’t lacking in the action aspect and with its layered plot, we’ll have to wait to see how the plot unfolds.


Bill Nye Saves the World: April 21, 2017

Your favorite science professor will be coming to Netflix with a talk show. The series will center on science and how it relates to politics and pop culture through debunking myths and analyses. Five celebrity correspondents will also be featured: Karlie Kloss, Nazeem Hussain, Emily Calandrelli and Derek Muller.


Girlboss: April 21, 2017

Based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography, Girlboss offers a look into how the founder of the clothing brand got her start. Having become the CEO of the brand at a young age, Amoruso serves as inspiration for any ambitious female with doubts. The series will star Britt Robertson as Sophia Amoruso.


Dear White People: April 28, 2017

Though it hasn’t been released yet, the show has already generated a lot of┬ácontroversy just by its trailer. Based on the satirical 2014 film of the same name, the show will center around a diverse group of students studying at a predominantly white Ivy League college and how they handle various aspects of discrimination.


Nasty Gal Founder Has Had Her Share Of Controversy But Her New Show Proves She’s Made It
Nasty Gal Founder Has Had Her Share Of Controversy But Her New Show Proves She’s Made It
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