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So, 50 Cent Punched An Eager Female Fan In The Chest


50 Cent is known as one of the grizzliest rappers out there, but on Saturday he amped up his gangster game by doing the unthinkable.

50 reportedly reached into the audience to shake the hands of his eager fans, only to fall offstage into the arms of a woman who pulled his hand a little too hard. Clearly angry, he then jumped up and punched the woman directly in the chest.

50, born Curtis Jackson, was performing with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage when the incident happened. The woman has still yet to be named, but was seen wearing a floral-patterned dress. According to TMZ, 50 Cent punched the woman to escape the woman’s grasp.

Following the altercation, 50 apologized by inviting the woman on stage where she twerked the night away. See the video below.

Neither 50 or The Lox mentioned the quick quarrel on social media. They did, however, thank their fans for showing up to the concert via Instagram, captioning the post, “Last stop on #FAIBTOUR was #Baltimore. We want to thank all our fans. If you came out during the tour, leave a comment on what city you saw the show in.”

Tabitha Shiflett is a graduate of the Dub (The University of North Carolina Wilmington, UNCW). She's written for Her Campus, CBS Local, and Elite Daily. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA program at The New School in New York City.