The Cast Of ’13 Reasons Why’ Got Matching Semicolon Tattoos

If you thought Selena Gomez wasn’t that involved in Netflix’s 13 Reason’s Why, you might want to think again. Selena isn’t just one of those celebrities who sticks their name on a project and takes all the glory when it turns out to be successful. Ever since the show released on March 31, Selena has been giving interviews talking about just how special the show is to her and now she’s definitely proved it: She got matching tattoos with the cast! How adorable is that?

13 Reasons Why has definitely taken the world by storm. The Netflix series follows the story of why a teenage girl (played by Katherine Langford) decided to take her own life. It was adapted from a novel of the same name and Selena is an executive producer on the project.

This weekend, Selena joined cast members Alisha Boe (the lovely Jessica) and Tommy Dorfman (Ryan) on a mission to honor the show and its message permanently, with semicolon tattoos.


The semicolon tattoo has come to signify much more than a love of grammar. The tattoo has become a symbol of mental health thanks to Project Semicolon. The symbol represents the infinity of something, hoping to give hope to those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and to help remind them that life shouldn’t end abruptly.

Coincidentally, Selena and the cast ran into a billboard for their show on their adventure, which was documented on her Snapchat.

Sadly, the founder of Project Semicolon, Amy Bleuel, died just two weeks ago on March 24, at the age of 31. Her cause of death has not yet been reported.

Selena, Alisha, Tommy and people all over the world can keep Amy alive by carrying her message on their bodies forever.

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