10 Ice Cream Cones That Will Blow Your Mind











The warm weather is finally here and that means it’s time to get serious about your ice cream. Since New York’s own Black Tap went viral, ice cream vendors have really stepped their game up in terms of presentation. A standard cone is no longer Instagram-worthy. It’s gotta be big, pricey and a diabetic nightmare to get the most likes. Luckily, these places aren’t just in NYC anymore. Gourmet ice cream has branched out worldwide and is taking social media by storm.

Here are our picks for the top 10 most extravagant ice creams you can get around the world.

1. Milk Train Cafe


Located in London, England in the heart of the city’s theater district, these cones not only look like they’re floating on a cloud but they make you feel like you are too. The line is often out the door but it’s worth it for the sugar rush and  the pic. It’s not an expensive treat either, one customer on Yelp! said that they only paid one euro (which is about $1.05) for their cone.

2. Jaxson’s Ice Cream


Down in good ole’ sunny Dania Beach, Florida is the home of the kitchen sink ice cream. These giant creations have been keeping Florida cool since 1956. Jaxson’s Ice Cream has been featured on the Food Network and Good Morning America. If you’re gonna go big, bring friends. The punch bowl (pictured above) costs $99 and feeds 12+ people. Their famous kitchen sink ice cream is made for groups of four and only costs $13 per person.

3. Coney Waffle


The Waffle Cone has taken over the milkshake scene. Right along the boardwalk in Belmar, New Jersey these desserts are making many, many people happy customers. With milkshakes as big as your head, it’s impossible not to get a brain freeze. If ice cream wasn’t enough sugar for you, they’ve loaded on tons of toppings including cotton candy, Wonka candy, chocolate covered pretzels and more. For $18, you get more than enough for you and a friend. Keep in mind though, they only take cash.

4. Cream & Sugar Cafe


In Bethel City, Connecticut you can get an ice cream cone in your milkshake. Served in a pint or martini glass (depending on how much you want), these milkshakes are instead called “Freak Shakes.” The prices range from $13 to the most expensive of $21, which is a combination of two different Freak Shakes. This is another bring-a-friend location as these things are huge.

5. B Sweet Dessert Bar


If you thought ice cream couldn’t get more unhealthy, that’s only because you’ve never had it inside of a glazed doughnut. B Sweet Dessert in Los Angeles, California sells a wide range of desserts including their famous bread pudding. But their ice cream stuffed doughnuts called “Halos” are the go-to treat. You get to choose which ice cream you want as a filling and they stuff it for you in a hot doughnut, creating a crazy mix of hot and cold in your mouth. You can treat yourself to one for only $5.

6. Cabot’s Ice Cream


Looking for a dessert to feed your entire extended family? Cabot’s in Newton, Massachusetts has the bowl for you. The smallest is The Gillen Special with a bowl diameter of 9.5 inches, it can serve up to 20 people for $70 which is about $3.50 each. And don’t worry, they have single size servings if you don’t feel like stuffing yourself completely.

7. Clinton Hall


Clinton Hall in the financial district of NYC is taking waffles and ice cream to the next level. This gastro-pub has created ice cream sundaes that are stacked on top of waffles and even have a piece of cake on top to finish them off. For just $15, you can treat yourself to this masterpiece. Celebrating something? They’ll even add candles to your dessert to give you the ultimate party experience.

8. XS Expresso


Ranked the top milkshake in Australia by Buzzfeed, XS Expresso doesn’t let America have all the milkshake fun. These tasty treats can cause a sugar rush just by looking at them. Their shakes have a wide range of sizes and flavors and they also have crazy sundaes to boot. And for all the ’90s kids out there, they even have one with a Kinder Egg on top. The most expensive shake is a mere $15 so that’s definitely a bargain.

9. Sweet Jesus


This Canadian ice cream shop has locations around Toronto and Ontario that provide delicious and photogenic cones. You can choose between a specialty cone or a regular one. There are 11 special flavors to pick from including “campfire s’mores” and “cinnamon cone crunch.”
This is definitely a budget friendly treat as well. A regular cone is only $3.75 and a specialty is $6.

10. Emack & Bolio’s.


This NYC native ice cream shop has expanded into different states and even out of the country. Emack & Bolio’s invented the flavored cone in 1980 and has been expanding on the concept ever since. Not only do they provide wild cones, but they have a specialty ice cream pizza, in case you get tired of the normal kind. Their homemade ice cream cones cost only a little less than $5. And if you’re craving a milkshake, they have those too.

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