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10 Times I Almost Cried During Erika Jayne’s ‘XXPEN$IVE’


Erika Jayne is by far one of the most popular stars of Bravo’s successful Real Housewives franchise. Ever since her first, sparkly appearance on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, audiences have been absolutely mesmerized by her honesty, her humor and her impressive collection of bedazzled catsuits. She proved that she gave zero f*cks (even releasing a song about it) and completely evaded any gold digger accusations by creating her own career, earning herself nine top-of-the-chart dance hits.

To say that I was excited for Erika Jayne’s latest single and its accompanying music video would be akin to saying that Kim Kardashian is excited every time she sees a phone camera. I was thrilled, overjoyed and #blessed when the song came out. And its music video didn’t disappoint, as usual allowing for Erika Jayne’s over-the-top visual and extremely “XXPEN$IVE” aesthetic.

Watch along and feel free to document your own thoughts. Personally, I was overcome with emotion. Watching this video made me want to dance around in a gilded room while throwing money in the air. Luckily for my bank account, there’s not much money left and the only thing gilded in my apartment is a lamp from Target. Instead, let’s get through this together and watch along with our girl Erika Jayne. Here’s the video:

Here are my ten near-tears experiences during the 2:44 music video for Erika Jayne’s “XXPEN$IVE.”

1. IT BEGINS! 0:01

It’s normal to become emotional when you haven’t seen anyone in a long time. Yes, I watch the show and follow her on social media, but this is a music video and those don’t happen every damn day of the week.

2. The BATHTUB!! 0:36

Queen of bathing! I would like to also throw bubbles in the air but my bathroom is tiny.

3. Putting the LOVE in GLOVES!!! 1:00

Custom gloves? Are you trying to KILL me?

4. This dance break is dance breaking me. 1:14

I’m loving these ’80s androgynous vogue house vibes.

5. The glasses are OFF. 1:31

*when you don’t need to block out the haters because you don’t have any f*cks left to give* truly inspiring.

6. She looks SO good 1:45

Ok, let’s be real. Erika Jayne represents something so amazing in that she eschews slut-shaming and ageism in favor of just being her most genuine, unfiltered self. That’s a big deal, especially amidst judgment and the current cultural climate.

7. SOBBING 1:59

The split, the lyric, everything is so right. Queen Erika.

8. I’m dizzy? 2:03

Crying from secondhand vertigo.

9. Pillow fight!! 2:17

This is SO fun but where can I find all of that extra money?

10. And it’s over. 2:44

Consider that stuck in my head forever. I am changed. Catch me doing a split in every room.

Brooklyn-based writer and editor who is probably eating Mexican food and yelling something about feminism, the Kardashians and/or finding the perfect highlighter.