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Celebrate Good Friday With These Heavenly Memes


I think it’s safe to say that every Friday is a good Friday, but tomorrow (April 14) marks the one and only official Good Friday.

While Good Friday isn’t a federal holiday, it’s still celebrated in states like Texas, Florida and New Jersey.

What is Good Friday?

If you’re unfamiliar, Good Friday, also referred to as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday, is a Christian holiday that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary.

Good Friday takes place on the Friday leading up to Easter Sunday.

Many Christians celebrate Good Friday with fasting, prayer, repentance and meditation on the suffering of Christ on the cross.

Why is it called Good Friday?

There’s a few theories as to why it’s called Good Friday. The first theory is that Christians believe there is something very good about it – it’s the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, which led to his resurrection.

The second theory suggests that the “Good” in Good Friday derives from “God” or “God’s Friday.”

The third, and final, theory is one that is supported by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and that is that the name comes from an antiquated meaning of “good.”

“The answer seems pretty clearly to be that it’s from good ‘holy,’ ” Jesse Sheidlower, the president of the American Dialect Society told Slate. 

The OED also notes that there was once a Good Wednesday, or Holy Wednesday, which was the Wednesday before Easter.

Tabitha Shiflett is a graduate of the Dub (The University of North Carolina Wilmington, UNCW). She's written for Her Campus, CBS Local, and Elite Daily. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA program at The New School in New York City.