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Can Anyone Decode This High Schooler’s Promposal Sign?


Ah, prom.

Such a glorious high school event. Don’t you instantly feel a whole lot older when comparing the prom traditions of your high school years with those of the current generation?

Promposals have become one of the biggest modern traditions for high schoolers. In case you’re not 16 with over 3000 Instagram followers, a promposal is the act of asking another person to prom, a proposal of the most elaborate proportions. Seriously, high schoolers go the hell off when it comes to this. In the last year, there have been helicopter promposals, horses and carriages and a whole lot more

One teenager named Marlen Williams documented his own promposal via Twitter, but in his case, the act wasn’t quite as elaborate as the sign.

Confused? Same. What does the sign say? You’ll I’ll be at prom 1? You run the 1, I’d love to take I’ll be 2 a shot at prom? WHAT DOES IT SAY!? Did she say yes!? Did she even know what she was agreeing to?


Though the gesture is still adorable, Twitter users were also confused AF.

Users thought they may have cracked the code with some very convincing guesses.

BUT it turns out they were all wrong.

What does it mean? Some questions are better left unanswered. At least she said yes. Hopefully, prom is even more magical than Marlen Williams’ Twitter mentions at the moment.

Can you figure out what it says?

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