Grab Your Yoga Mat, Paris Hilton Is Now DJing Yoga Classes

Saying ‘Paris Hilton and a DJ in a yoga class’ makes it seem as though you’re setting up a punny joke, but in this case, Paris Hilton isn’t coming to Equinox for laughs. Hilton is hoping to make people sweat as she combines yoga and her music career into one fun event.

In 2012, Hilton began her career as a DJ when she spun at India Fashion Week and eventually began to headline at parties in Ibiza. Hilton originally began her singing career in 2006 with her debut single, “Stars Are Blind.” Hilton released three albums before solely focusing on her DJing career, soon becoming one of the highest-paid celebrity DJs.

Most recently, Hilton showed her skills for free for “Om This Way,” a charity yoga class at the Equinox Gym in West Los Angeles benefiting the Felix Organization. The Felix works to help children in the foster-care system. Maeve McCaffery, the yoga instructor who worked with Hilton, told Page Six┬áthat the socialite “spoke with heart and was very gracious.” Hilton’s new boyfriend, Chris Zylka, also attended the class.

Hilton proves that not all yoga classes need a super quiet environment and that your Downward Facing Dog can be done just as well to electronic music. Check out her set below.

If you’re looking to grab your yoga mat, perfect your skills and hear some music spun by Paris Hilton, you’ll need to be an Equinox member, which isn’t exactly cheap. For now, you can do the real thing and put on an old Paris Hilton album while you get into the classic lotus position.

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