Four Students Injured In University Of Idaho Explosion

Four students at the University of Idaho were injured in an explosion on the university campus Thursday night, reports KTVB. Officials confirmed that the students were all alert and communicating early Friday morning.

What Happened?

The incident happened around 9:52 p.m. when an experimental rocket blew up in the campus parking lot.

According to KTVB, the explosion happened in a lot next to a steam plant on 6th Street.

School Statement

The university confirmed that the students were transported to Gritman Medical Center via Twitter.

The University of Idaho noted that all of of the victims were “alert” and “communicating” with school personnel.

The students’ identities have yet to be disclosed.

According to Grant Thurman, a member of the school’s Northwest Organization of Rocket Engineers, the explosion resulted from the club testing self-made rocket fuel.

“We were testing a new fuel design for the rocket engine and we didn’t have reason to believe it would blow up or anything because it was a slow-burning fuel, but as soon as it was lit, it blew up,” Thurman said.

The FBI appeared on scene Thursday night, which is a routine procedure according to Moscow police.

Where Did It Happen?

Four students were injured in an explosion at the University of Idaho, located in Moscow, Idaho.


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