CNN Commentator Can’t Tell These Women Of Color Apart In Absurd Segment

Former Republican congressman Jack Kingston made a name for himself this week by forgetting those of others’… or, rather, for failing to tell the difference between two women of color on CNN.

They weren’t exactly random, off-the-street interviewees either; Ana Navarro and April Ryan are both prominent CNN commentators who were featured on the panel beside him.

Ryan was in the midst of explaining her outrage in reaction to Sean Spicer’s hateful comments referencing the Holocaust this week when Kingston talked over her, calling her “Ana.”

When he was swiftly corrected, Kingston only said: “I can’t see who’s talking, I apologize.”

“Not all colored girls are the same, Jack,” Navarro fired back, thus taking her place beside Beyonce, Rebecca Bloom, and RBG in my quest for powerful female saint candles to place on my mantelpiece.

He then got himself in still more trouble, calling Ryan a Democrat.

“So I’m a Democrat because I’m black?” Ryan asked.

*adds name to candle list*

Navarro finished out the interview strong as ever, proclaiming: “He thinks you’re me” to Ryan.

“Jack, do me a favor,” she then turned to Kingston. “Quit while you’re behind.”

If only they ever did.

Watch the entire absurd exchange below, which, yes, has been making the rounds on Twitter:

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