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4 Candies You’re Going To Want To Eat All Year Long


Well, Easter is over. The baskets have been unwrapped and the eggs have been found (hopefully) and another indulgence filled-holiday has come and gone. It’s usually the case that we make excuses for indulgence based on a holiday. “Oh, I deserve it, it’s Easter,” you might say as you help yourself to a handful of amazing Easter candy.

Here’s a piece of advice: there should be nothing guilty about pleasure. And anyone who says otherwise?


Candy isn’t just for a big day. Join the movement of treating yourself whenever and wherever with the help of these delicious treats, all of which are perfect beyond the Easter basket.

1. Mike & Ikes

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Though their Easter candy was truly exceptional (hello, color scheme #goals) and the jelly beans were the BEST seasonal treat, Mike & Ikes are tasty on any day, even if you’re on the go. You deserve a handful in every single flavor, without any guilt.

2. Twix

Like the perfect combo of a cookie and a chocolate bar, Twix are always amazing. The bite-size are perfect for snacking.

3. Reese’s Cups

Eggs for breakfast on this #Easter Sunday. 😜😋😂 #mnmtwinzSnacks

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Yes, Reese’s Eggs are the true Easter gems, but the cups are also yummy on any day of the year. Though they’re not exactly “healthy,” they are always, always tasty.

4. Airheads

Everyone’s childhood fave comes in the best flavors (blue raspberry’s #1 fan right here), and in different sizes. Their sour candies are also legendary.

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