Drake Accuses Coachella-Area Country Club Of Racial Profiling






This weekend, dozens of A-list celebrities gathered at Coachella. It was a hipster central as dozens of celebrities debuted wonderfully creative outfits while listening to today’s hottest in music perform live. Depsite Beyonce having to pull out of headlining one of the festival’s nights due to being pregnant with twins, the festival still seemed to be an all-around wonderful experience. That is, a wonderful experience for everyone but Drake.

Late last night, Drake took to Instagram to reveal his disgust with  The Madison Club, a private golf resort in La Quinta, California. The rapper posted a picture of the club’s logo with a very distinctive caption.

“The most offensive place I have ever stayed at in my life with staff who pick and choose who they are going to accommodate based on racial profiling #Coachella,” Drake wrote.

And with that, fans of the self-proclaimed 6 God took to social media to criticize the club and, naturally, they used Drake lyrics and song and album titles to do it.

“U are Doing It All Wrong. Sooner Than Later you are gonna be Over and we are gon Feel No Ways about it,” one person wrote in the review section of the Club’s Facebook page.

“KMT you have a lot of Room for Improvement and I doubt you’ll have a Comeback Season from this. For now Take Care and Less Life.”

Another person wrote, “If you’re reading this it’s too late … Y’all are going to need some good PR & social media crisis help after disrespecting Drake like that ya know.”

The Madison Club has yet to respond to Drake’s accusations.

The photo has been deleted, but as usual, screenshots live on forever. What exactly happened isn’t yet known, though Drake alludes to some sort of race-based crime.

We might know have the full story, but details are sure to emerge in the coming days before Coachella’s second weekend.

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