Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Lana Worth Right Now?

With her new album Lust For Life just around the corner, singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey seems to be on everyone’s mind. Starting with humble beginnings in 2007 as a young Lizzie Grant at 5 Factors Records just dropping her first album, Lana Del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant, to the sultry, glamorous pop singer we know today, Lana Del Rey has definitely had her walk on the wild side, and her net worth shows it.

Lana Del Rey’s Estimated Net Worth as of 2018: $8 Million

Let’s take a look at how she got to where she is today.

2011 – 2013

Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2012

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In July 2011, Lana Del Rey signed a combined contract with Stranger Records and Interscope, Polder and released her second studio album, Born to Die, on January 30, 2012. The album gained vast popularity due to the ultra-stylized music video Del Rey made for “Video Games,” one of the many popular singles found on the album. The publicity quickly boosted Born to Die to the position of the fifth best-selling record in 2012. Her second record released in November of that same year went by the name of Paradise, and quickly made its way to the tenth spot on the Billboard 200. 67,000 copies were sold during the record’s first week of release. She also partnered with H&M during this time, modeling for their autumn and winter 2013 campaigns.


Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2014

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Ultraviolence was released in June of 2014, keeping Lana a big player in the game with over 180,000 copies sold in the first week. This album also landed Lana her first top-ranked album on the Billboard 200, besting even Born to Die, which peaked at #2. Despite her overwhelming success, it became apparent during this time that stardom was not all that glamorous to Del Rey at all. Controversy struck when the Guardian published an interview in which Lana Del Rey is quoted saying she “[wishes] she was dead already.” This struck a chord with Frances Bean Cobain, whose father, Kurt Cobain, was cited in the interview for being a famous musician that died young. The dispute was settled peacefully via Twitter with an apology from Lana, who then claimed the interviewer took her quote out of context.


Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2015

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Lana’s fourth chart-topping album, Honeymoon, was released September 18, 2015, selling 116,000 copies in its first week. Widely recognized as Lana’s “loneliest” album, Honeymoon marks a transition in her story of fame. Del Rey distanced herself from the various groups responsible for getting her through previous albums for this project, drastically cutting down the number of participants, and as such took on more responsibilities herself. One can’t help but wonder if the tone of the album was influenced by the end of her year-long relationship with Italian photographer, Francesco Carrozzini. The two officially split a few months after the release of Honeymoon. All the hard work paid off when she was awarded the Trailblazer Honor at the Billboard Women in Music luncheon on December 11.

2016 – Present

Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2017

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Now in 2017, Lana Del Rey is back from her home in the center of the “H” in the Hollywood sign with a new full-length project in the works. While the official release date for the long-awaited Lust For Life has not been confirmed yet, it is said to be “coming soon.” The first single from the album, Love was dropped on February 18, 2017, along with a cinematic music video that stays true to Lana’s character.


The video of Lana Del knocking down a back up dancer on the stage without even noticing is getting viral on the internet.

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