Langston University Is On Lockdown

Langston University is currently on lockdown while police search for the suspect who shot a Logan County police officer.

What Happened?

Authorities are in search of a suspect who shot a Logan County deputy and stole several vehicles Tuesday morning, Koco News 5 reports.

Emergency crews are currently on the scene where the deputy was shot near I-35 and Mulhall. Authorities said that the officer was serving an eviction notice. The suspect then shot the officer before stealing his patrol vehicle.

The Sheriff thinks that the suspect, identified as Nathan Aaron Leforce, may have carjacked two more vehicles since then. Leforce reportedly deove the officer’s car to a gas station near Coyle, where he carjacked a woman.

Officials describe Leforce as a tattooed white male dressed in a black shirt.

Leforce has a criminal record that includes several misdemeanors. In 2011, Leforce pled guilty to pointing a firearm; in 2012, he pled guilty to unauthorized use of a vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle. In 2015, Leforce was charged with kidnapping, child endangerment and domestic abuse.

School Statement

Langston University issued the following emergency notification to students, faculty and staff Tuesday morning:

“A deputy was shot in Logan County a short time ago, not on the Langston campus. According to the police, the suspect is possibly armed and dangerous. All faculty, staff, and students on the Langston campus should stay inside their current location. The Langston campus is on immediate lock down and all facilities on campus are being secured. If you are on campus, go into the nearest available room and lock the door. If you are not on campus, please delay your arrival. Follow instructions from University officials or local authorities. Do not allow building access to anyone without a valid University ID. Police and security officers have been stationed at certain points on campus to direct traffic and assist individuals. Police are investigating the incident. Please monitor your local news stations and continue to monitor your campus email and alerts for more information and updates.”

Where Did It Happen?

Langston University, located in Langston, Oklahoma, was put on lockdown Tuesday morning.


This is a developing story, please refresh the page for updates. 

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