Tyler, The Creator Revamped The Bill Nye Theme Song & It’s Pretty Awesome





Tyler, The Creator has joined forces with our favorite ’90s TV scientist to save the world.

Bill Nye recruited Tyler to update the theme song for his new Netflix show, Bill Saves The World, which premieres April 21.

The new theme song incorporates elements taken from the original Bill Nye The Science Guy, which ended in 1998.

The Original Show

In the following clip, Nye and Tyler talk about the original show and the new theme song. Nye notes that the idea of the original show was that “the world is a laboratory,” and if you watched the show and pursued science, then you’d find yourself having “the coolest time.”

Tyler adds that the original theme song was “really sick” and that he loves the “fast-pacedness” of it. “That show, it got kids to not hate science class,” Tyler says in the video. “And that worked, that full-on worked.”

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the new theme song? Take a second to compare it to the original below:

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