Serena Williams Won The Australian Open While Pregnant & Everyone Is Shook

Yesterday my Twitter feed was glowing with good news. Bill O’Reilly was finally, finally fired after years of harassing women and Serena Williams announced her pregnancy, filling the world with a¬†calming, aromatherapy-esque serenity, a strong and quiet joy followed by the realization that Beyonce‘s children and Serena Williams’ child will coexist on this earth at the same time, and possibly save us all.

Serena Williams revealed on Snapchat this morning that she is actually 20 weeks pregnant, and fans quickly began doing the math, and stumbled upon the conclusion that, well, the Australian Open (which she won, without dropping a single set) wasn’t 20 weeks ago.

That’s right, Serena Williams won the Australian Open while pregnant.

Fans are a little impressed.

This baby is already more accomplished than I will ever be, and I fully accept that truth.

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