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10 Majors Where Women Are Crushing The Gender Pay Gap


gender pay gap

According to a new report from Glassdoor, the major you choose could lead to career and pay gaps, especially for women.

“Women tend to major in subjects that lead to lower-paying roles later on,” Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist said. Those choices form a “pipeline problem,” in which women are less represented in majors that lead to jobs with higher earnings potential, reports CNN Money. 

The Glassdoor report found that nine out of 10 highest-paying majors were dominated by males, while six out of the 10 lowest-paying majors were dominated by females.

“Majors do make a difference,” Chamberlain said. “You are going to be working for the rest of your life, your decision can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

According to the report, college-educated women earned around 88 cents for every dollar a man made within five years after graduation. This figure, however, is higher than most of the recent government data that showed women earned 79.6 cents for every dollar men made in 2015.

Degrees That Lead To Women Out-Earning Men

Some majors, however, do allow women to go on to do better than their male counterparts. For example, women with degrees in architecture earn $7,000 more per year on average than men – that’s a 14 percent gap.

Here are the 10 college majors that lead to the biggest pay gaps in favor of women, according to Glassdoor.

1. Architecture

Women earn $1.10 for every $1 men earn.

2. Music

Women ear $1.10 for every $1 men earn.

3. Social Work

Women earn $1.08 for every $1 men earn.

4. Advertising

Women earn $1.08 for every $1 men earn.

5. Environmental Science

Women earn $1.07 for every $1 men earn.

6. Chemical Engineering

Women earn $1.07 for every $1 men earn.

7. Kinesiology

Women earn $1.05 for every $1 men earn.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Women earn $1.03 for every $1 men earn.

9. Sports Management

Women earn $1.02 for every $1 men earn.

10. Anthropology

Women earn $1.02 for every $1 men earn.

Tabitha Shiflett is a graduate of the Dub (The University of North Carolina Wilmington, UNCW). She's written for Her Campus, CBS Local, and Elite Daily. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA program at The New School in New York City.