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Man Volunteers To Undergo Childbirth Pain Simulation, Lasts 20 Seconds


Jonny Wade labor pain birth video

Your mom has probably mentioned at one point or another how incredibly labor was for her.

“I was in labor with your TWENTY HOURS!” she’ll say as she looks at you with a thousand-yard stare into your soul.

Eventually it gets pretty old, but it’s also understandable. Labor pains are the stuff of nightmares, nightmares that men will never experience IRL. Some men tend to underestimate the horrors of birth, but now one man, Jonny Wade, can say he’s been there… for 20 seconds.

Wade volunteered to undergo a birth simulator for a class at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. He got a partner to comfort him and said, “No matter what I say, go to 10,” referring to the pain levels.

Just like that, the machine was turned on and the future nurse anesthetist had to undergo the worst pain of his life.

Immediately, Wade began to scream with pain as his partner attempted to hold him. Luckily for all parties involved, it didn’t last too long before Wade was over and done, down for the count.

“I’ve hurt myself in lots of ways in the past through participating in extreme sports and I have never really been through anything to compare this with,” Wade said. “I don’t think the simulator itself is as severe as labour because it’s a superficial pain, more like your abdominal muscles are being torn apart.”

Somewhere, Jonny Wade’s mom is shaking her head and saying, “No shit, Sherlock. Now imagine that for hours.”

Check out the video to see Wade’s horror in action. FYI, ‘pineapple’ is the safe word, which he can barely get out because of pain.

Wade admitted that his wife had told him he’d never understand her own labor experience, but luckily, he now has insight.

At least he had some friends to laugh at his pain. “Everyone in class thought it was very funny,” Wade said.

We’re sure his wife and mom found it the funniest of all.

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