This 3-Year-Old Toddler Hosted A Reddit AMA & It Was Hilarious

Kids naturally have wild imaginations. Pair that imagination with some sass and the internet and you have comedy gold. Matthew Clark, a 27-year old father from Texas, is one such parent that lets their kid have fun with their imagination. He allowed his self-proclaimed know-it-all son Caleb to turn to Reddit and field users’ many questions. Throw any curveball at him and he’ll answer the best he can, even if it’s wrong.

“I can ask him what 2+2 is and if he says 10, I can’t convince him otherwise,” Clark told the Huffington Post.

Clark was surfing Reddit one day  when he stumbled across the subreddit, casualiama. After some thought, he let his son host his own AMA for the fun of it. On Reddit, a popular content-sharing platform, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Many users turn to these forums with questions ranging from simple problems to those deep inquiries about life. What better place to test out Caleb’s knowledge and toddler expertise?

“Since he acts like he knows it all already, I figured a few people would get a kick out of his answers,” added Clark. He created the forum “I’m 3. I know everything. AMA” under his username, MyUnAlteredMind, and soon hundreds of people were asking the toddler questions. In some replies, Caleb’s mother also chimed in under her username, I_Need_Wine23, just in case you didn’t believe some of the answers that came out of this kid’s mouth.

Here are some hilarious responses we picked out of the litter.

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Gosh there were so many good ones it was hard to narrow them down. Definitely take a look at Caleb’s answers on his AMA. The post has already received over 1,000 comments asking for Caleb’s “all-knowing wisdom.” Take a look yourself! Maybe this all-knowing toddler can impart some wisdom on you, too.

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