11,000 Women Want To Run For Office This Year

One of the reasons our political system is so hell-bent on repressing women’s rights to our own bodies is lack of representation in office — a fact that many women are now fighting to change.

More than 11,000 women have reached out to Emily’s List this year already expressing interest in running for office, the Washington Post reports, an unprecedented leap contrasted with the 900 the year before.

Emily’s List is a progressive organization that focuses on recruiting and training women to run for political office, and this increase in women contacting the organization is telling. And with only 21% of women in the U.S. Senate and 19% in the House of Representatives, representation is badly needed.

“This is unprecedented,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List. She explained that while many of the 11,00 are interested in lower government, like the school board, a few dozen are “seriously considering House races,” which are more than a little influential in swaying the direction of our government.

While gender alone isn’t a reason in and of itself to vote for a candidate, it absolutely has an impact on my vote. Representation matters, and these masses of women are recognizing exactly how much. The more women are involved in government on all levels, the less systemized sexism will occur as a whole — and the more likely we may be as a country to finally, finally have our first female president.

Hit the polls this year, ladies — every single one of them.

If you yourself are interested in entering the political sphere, check out the resources you need here.

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