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How You Can Make A Difference This Earth Day


The fundamentals behind Earth Day should be celebrated everyday. The world we live in shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially since not everyone has the luxury of clean air and water. One of the most important relationships humans can have is with nature, who we’re equally dependent on for coexistence.

A new presidency brings new changes to the Environmental Protection Agency and the decisions made will affect the future of the environment. With issues like pollution, global warming and deforestation, among others, there’s always something that could be done better to preserve our planet. Even the littlest changes in our lifestyle can make a difference. Here’s every charity you can become involved with on Earth Day, and the days after that.

1. Earthjustice

A combination of legal rights and environmental rights, Earthjustice is an eco-friendly, non-profit law firm. From protecting thousands of organizations, whether they’re local or national, the organization focuses on the wild, healthy communities and clean energy. You can contact members of Congress on a number of causes and see what makes an effective action letter.

2. Greenpeace

The world-famous organization tackles a large variety of issues from protecting oceans and forests to defending democracy, and has been for the past 40 years. You can petition against environment budget cuts or donate to Greenpeace.

3. National Geographic Society

Photo by @renan_ozturk // First ascent climbing adventures in Western Nepal. No fixed ropes, no teams of porters, just two women forging up unclimbed terrain with the packs on their backs. The focus of this expedition story was the partnership of these two ground breaking Nepali women. When they left basecamp, we essentially handed a camera and the story over them, to tell it in the most intimate POV possible. Mostly they climbed through a snowstorm but I was lucky enough to find Pasang and Sareena for a few sunset moments, pushing the drone to almost 6000 meters. Pictured here is @sodapopchamling waiting out a cold belay as @pasang_lhamu_sherpa_akita heads into unclimbed territory above! ~ with @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral @rudy.le @irish_goodbye @camp4collective

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You already follow them on Instagram, and for good reason. The photos that are posted remind us why Earth needs to be treasured and what’s at stake. National Geographic’s focus is on saving species and habitats and donations help fund research. You can also become involved in student matinees or virtual expeditions.

5. The Nature Conservancy

The Magdalena River was a major source of inspiration for writer Gabriel García Márquez, who once said, “I know every village and every tree on that river.” The magic of the Magdalena was evident to our photographer as well. “The culture is very different in each region and unique and so I keep referring to García Márquez because he’s a Colombian writer and because I grew up reading his stories and there’s a point where you start seeing what he describes. There is a…culture that is very rich in myths, the people are relaxed, very friendly…and so for me it was very rewarding to experience that.” Here, Juan captures the scene of a boat ferrying people across the river near Mompos—photo by @juanarre. . #colombia #magdalena #river #freshwater #sunset #sun #landscape #beautiful #water #savenature #conservation #naturephotography #livenature #protectpreserve

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This international organization works to benefit land water, oceans, cities, and climate, and it’s done in more than 69 countries. If you’re based in the U.S., you can find your state and read up on how you can make a difference in your state. Visiting preserves or finding local volunteer opportunities are just a few ways you can contribute to one of the largest environment charities in the world.

6. Wildlife Conservation Network

The WCN works to protect endangered species who rely on the preservation of their natural habitats for survival. With an international support base, 37 countries are home to WCN-supported wildlife conservation programs. You can become involved either through volunteering, if you live in the Bay area, by donations, or even just through researching the cause and raising awareness.

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