Random Act Of Kindness Between Two Children Leaves Parents Speechless

Random acts of kindness are seriously the best things anyone can do for a stranger. Not only does it make the stranger feel noticed and thought of, but the one doing the act tends to be even happier after doing the good deed. And nothing brightens up your day more than seeing a child passing on kindness to others, in this case, to another child.

During a Philadelphia Flyers game, Brian Beidman’s son Deacon really wanted one of the t-shirts that were being thrown into the crowd. And when one t-shirt was thrown, a little girl caught it in the row right in front of him. Unexpectedly, the little girl turned around and handed Deacon the shirt and the boy couldn’t help but blush and thanked her.

Brian was surprised at the moment and posted the memorable story on Facebook. He explained the story in a Facebook post as a way to thank not only the generous young girl but her mother as well.

He wrote a public message to the girl who was seated in section 201, row 13, seat 8 at the Flyers game in the hopes that the post would find its way to the girl or her mother. “Your daughter made Deacon’s night. Thank you so much,” he wrote in his post. “Your daughter was amazing and it shows what a great parenting job you are doing as well!”

Eventually, the young girl’s mother found the post and responded to his message. Not only was Brian surprised that the child’s mother found the Facebook post and responded, but the interaction was an even bigger deal to her than it was to Brian.

Her response introduced a heartfelt story that will literally have everyone ugly crying and running for tissues. Her response was posted right under Brian’s message on Frank Somerville’s Facebook page.

“My daughter is autistic and has seizures. She struggles with crowds and we buy seats based on luck, and if I can come up with the money. She LOVES the Flyers so we try to go often, but if the crowd around us isn’t ‘autism friendly’ we leave by the end of second period. Maymay was enjoying the conversation you and your son were having about the game and hockey. She was willing to stay until the end of the game! Huge accomplishment. I had no clue she was going to give him the shirt. She was excited to get the shirt, so it was a surprise for her to give it to your son. She told me that it made her heart feel good to make him smile. That is HUGE for us!”

Coincidence? I think not. We definitely need more people like these two precious children in the world.

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