UC Davis Allows Students To Buy Plan B In Vending Machines

You don’t need a scientific study to know that sex and college are inextricably linked together. You don’t even have to be the one doing it. There’s a good chance the roommate next door is having sex while you’re reading this post (sorry if I made it awkward). Most colleges try to stay on top of sexual health and provide ample services to students on campus. I’ve even been to college fairs where they gave away condoms like it was candy. The UC Davis campus in California has a new approach to helping its students in need. They’ve started installing vending machines that sell Plan B.

While emergency contraceptives should never be prioritized over using condoms, I can’t deny the allure of having emergency birth control readily available. It’s not uncommon to have a condom break while the pharmacy is closed, and plenty of other accidents or situations can occur (especially if drinking is involved).

In addition to the morning after pill, the vending machines also provide condoms and pregnancy tests. I have to give the university props. The vending machines sell Plan B for $30 compared to its pricey $50 OTC counterpart. According to KCRA, UC Davis senior Parteek Singh came across the idea for the machines when a friend couldn’t buy Plan B in time. The only other place on campus students could buy protection was in the Health and Wellness Center, and that building is only open during business hours.

“They were all out of emergency contraceptives and they weren’t going to get anything until Monday,” Singh said. I could only imagine how frustrating that had to be. Both students and staff are supportive and don’t believe the availability of the emergency contraceptive will lead to more unprotected sex. In my opinion, I think it would only help reduce unplanned pregnancies and raise sexual health awareness.


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