10 Natural, At-Home Remedies For Hair & Nail Growth

We always want our hair and nails to be thick and strong as well as looking shiny, smooth and healthy. After brushing your hair and finding a huge clump of hair tangled in the brush (it happens to the best of us!), it’s not uncommon to look up expensive hair treatments or scammy products to use that sometimes don’t even work. Same thing for nails. When our nails are weak and always breaking, products in stores cost more than we expect.

When you do finally find products that help with either hair or nail growth, you eventually run out, which leaves you having to go back to the store and purchase it again. Many of these products can’t promise you that they contain great ingredients that will sustainably help hair/nail growth. Most of them are infused with chemical ingredients and nothing natural.

nail growth

We should be using natural remedies to help hair/nail growth. Since they’re two of the gentler aspects of our body, they should be treated with the best and most natural methods. These are the best organic, at-home remedies to healthily and tangibly help with hair and nail growth and strength.

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UC Davis Allows Students To Buy Plan B In Vending Machines
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