Kim Kardashian’s (Probably Drunk) Vacation Tweets Are Hilarious

PSA people: Kim Kardashian is actually funny as hell. The reality starlet is famous for her popular E! series and her large behind, but many people are sleeping on the fact that our girl can be hilarious (and hilariously shady). Her recent tweets are an amazing indication of that.

Kim went on vacation (sidenote: when is this fam not on vacation?) with sister Kourtney, as well as some of their pals, including Britt Gastineau, Larsa Pippen and Joyce Bonelli among other, less famous friends. Thankfully, Kim provided us with a full play-by-play of what was happening during this wild vacay. Check out some of Kim’s tweets:

We have so many questions. First of all, did they find Britt Gastineau?! Like, is she ok? Let’s hope so. Secondly, we all know what a “special” brownie is Kim, you’re not being subtle. And Kourtney, girl, get it together! That is true hot mess status right there.

But, as funny and wild as these tweets are, we can’t help but wonder if Kim’s tweets are secretly in response to some recent body shaming that the starlet has been subjected to. During the same vacation that Kim is making sound like a glorious nightmare, photos were released of her at the beach in a bikini. Some commentators have said that the recent pics are a sign that the star has received some new fillers in her famous derriere. Nothing has been confirmed either way.

Kim Kardashian

In one of her revelations, she says that her friend Jen Atkin “spiked my Oreo shake to try to get me to not eat it because she’s fat shaming me.” Is her commentary on what she’s eating on vacation (special brownies not included), a way for her to respond to these recent incidences of body shaming? It would be interesting for Kim to subtly bring attention to these stories related to her body, as she tweeted just last week about her “flu diet” as in advance of the Met Gala. So, we know that she has some weight issues on her mind.

She finished her tweet spree confidently, proclaiming her body “flawless.”

Regardless of the tweets intent, she shouldn’t be body shamed. No one should. Who knows? Maybe Kim’s tweet flurry was just the result of a drunken night. After everything she’s been through in the past year, she deserves to have some fun.

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