Woman Kicked Out Of Gym For ‘Revealing’ Workout Gear

I’m no gym expert. I know my form is horrible and my “workout face” is anything but sexy, but the last thing I expect to happen at the gym is to be criticized for what I wear. One woman was unfortunate enough to get kicked out of her gym for her workout attire.

Sarah Villafañe was asked to leave the gym she frequents at the College of Charleston because of her sports top. She was wearing a black crop top that only showed a few inches of her stomach and long black leggings. Villafañe said she didn’t bring a change of clothes, but she had worn the outfit a number of times before with no complaint.

She claimed that a staff member told her to put on a shirt for “full coverage.” When she couldn’t comply, she tried staying out of the way of other gymgoers by working out in the back corner of the gym. Despite her efforts to reach a common ground, the manager forced her to leave the gym. Villafañe posted her experience on Facebook and asked people if her attire was truly inappropriate.

Although she was amused at first, it quickly turned to irritation when staff repeatedly asked her to put her shirt back on when she didn’t have a spare in the first place. Villafañe stood by her belief that her outfit was still respectable and should be counted as a shirt.

Villafañe wrote on Facebook, “I bought this outfit to work out in because it’s COMFORTABLE. What is the issue? Why can’t I work out in this outfit? Is my belly button distracting to the general 85% male demographic that your gym serves?”

Even though the staff came up to her about “coverage,” the gym later told her they kicked her out for sanitary concerns. Villafañe claimed they never made those concerns clear to her when they asked her to change. Upon checking the rules at the gym, it states that athletic wear must be worn but they never specified in terms of dress code. Honestly, I’ve seen guys at the gym show more skin than she did.

Do you think her gym outfit was too inappropriate?

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