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One Brave Model Is Showcasing Her Vitiligo For A Cause


Those who struggle with vitiligo, an incurable disease that leaves large patches of completely different pigment than the rest of your body, often attempt to either hide the skin or cover it up with makeup. It is tough to cover the Vitiligo with makeup since you have to find the correct shade and do a lot of work in blending it with the rest of the body. But one inspiring model is standing behind an empowering message: You don’t have to cover up your skin. Express and embrace it.

Venezuelan model Génesis Castillo began showcasing her vitiligo on Instagram, posing solo or with another model affected by the same disease. This campaign is meant to express self-acceptance in the hopes that the photos will inspire other individuals with vitiligo to put down their guards and never be ashamed.

Her empowering message on one of her posts shows that the disease doesn’t bring her down, but it’s a special aspect and beautiful trait that makes her feel confident. “Vitiligo is a condition that does not make us different, it makes us special. This is a small preview of the photos we will present for our awareness campaign and education about vitiligo,” the English translation reads. Castillo also includes the hashtags #TeamVitiligo, #NoCureDontCare and #Vitiligo.

Castillo is seen as a strong, confident individual who’s prouder of her vitiligo each day and her posts on Instagram only encourage others with the disease to feel the same way. See more from her on her Instagram.

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