This Teen Asked His Friend To Prom With Louboutins & The Internet Has Feelings

When I was in high school, my prom date asked me to the dance by decorating my (beat-up, grossly unattractive, sparkly brown) car, facilitated by my best friend.

When Louis, a high school junior from Houston, Texas, asked his friend Caitlan to the prom, he bought her a poster, trendy Mylar P-R-O-M balloons, a bag full of makeup, and a pair of LOUBOUTINS, Buzzfeed reports.

“If the shoe fits makeup your mind,” Louis wrote on the poster, using a clever play on words to highlight the bag of Sephora make-up he bought her and the nude patent pointed-toe Christian Louboutin pumps.

I would spend prom night in a garbage can with Oscar the Grouch for those prizes.

Of course, the extremely-extra promposal is going viral. The Internet is torn; some are applauding Louis for his care and effort and are labeling him a romantic. Others are bewildered that a high school junior could afford to give a friend designer pumps (Teen Vogue reports that a similar pair of Christian Louboutin shoes retail for around $675.)

Here is the original tweet that sent the Internet on fire:

And, of course, the responses:

I can only imagine the caliber her corsage is going to be.

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