Mom Pens Heartwarming Note To Sephora Employee For Teaching Her Daughter About Bullying

It’s no secret that swiping on a new shade of lipstick and getting a little dolled up can do wonders when you’re feeling down, but what about those young girls who aren’t familiar with makeup or who suffer from low self-esteem? To them, the mere thought of branching out into the beauty world could be quite terrifying.

One Windsor, Ontario mother faced this very dilemma when her 15-year-old daughter asked if she could get some makeup in the hopes that it would lessen the bullying she faced daily at school.

In the end, her experience was so powerful that she shared an emotional letter about her daughter’s trip to Sephora.

“She has been relentlessly ridiculed by many of the ‘young ladies’ (trying to be delicate with my wording) she now goes to school with,” the concerned mom explained in a Facebook post via the SpottedIn app. “They pick on her for her clothing, her skin, her voice, her hair, her eyebrows, the list goes on. It breaks my heart to say that this bullying has convinced my beautiful daughter that she is ugly, and her formerly outgoing and peppy personality has dimmed.”

Initially against the idea, the mother decided that if it could help her daughter get her spark back it was worth it.

While browsing the store, the pair was approached by a petite, blonde sales assistant named Shayna. The mother immediately noticed that physically, Shayna looked just like the type of girl that bullied her daughter at school, but was soon shocked at how wrong her assumption was.

According to the heartfelt note detailing the experience, Shayna not only helped them with products but also went above and beyond.

“I feel as though she somehow caught onto my daughter’s struggles with self-esteem during our conversation, and she went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable in her own skin,” the mom wrote. “She took the time to truly relate to my daughter. They talked about what had been going on at school, self-confidence, what truly makes a person beautiful and how makeup is just something to enhance your natural beauty. These are things I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to convey.”

Both mother and daughter left the store that day with smiles on their faces and a renewed sense of hope in humanity, but the story doesn’t end there!

The internet was so touched by the post that it quickly got around back to Shayna, who commented on the original letter, thankful for the mother’s kind words and the hundreds (if not thousands) of people commending her for what she had done.

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“Sounds cliché but I honestly just did what I would expect anyone else to do in that kind of situation and what I wish someone had done for me a few years ago,” Shayna commented. “To that little girl: I hope you’ve been feeling better, come see me again soon!”

We also hope that things go well for the little girl and that maybe some of the kindness she experienced that day will rub off onto those around her.

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