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8 Times Ryan Reynolds 100% Laughed At His Own Tweet

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Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds started making dad jokes long before he ever became a father, and now that he has two daughters, there is absolutely no turning back.

Okay, fine: his Twitter account is pretty damn funny. Still, whenever I read his tweets, I am convinced that as he typed them, he was overcome with amusement, shaking with silent laughter in acknowledgement of his own wit.

I cannot prove this scientifically. I have yet to meet Mr. Reynolds (do you enjoy my unwavering optimism?) Still, I am convinced.

He probably laughed when he typed this tweet in an airplane bathroom.

He definitely giggled aloud when he wrote this.

He probably chuckled under his breath writing this.

He definitely called Blake over for this one.

He snorted when drafting this tweet, then sent it ten minutes later.

Blake told him it wasn’t funny, but he disagreed.

He had this one saved to his drafts for several months, prepared to wow the world.

This is a legitimately funny tweet, so I have no shade.

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