Brace Yourselves, The ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Memes Are Here

It’s that time of year again. The semester is coming to an end, but exams aren’t the only things on students’ minds. May brings forth a meme that has stuck with me since childhood, courtesy of NSYNC’s famously misheard hit, “It’s Gonna be Me.” That was way back in JT’s NSYNC days when his hair was reminiscent of the ramen noodles we all love.

JT even joined in on the meme in 2016 when he sent this tweet out to all his followers.

Although we all joke about the misheard lyric, Justin sheepishly admitted that it wasn’t all his fault. In an interview with Capital London, he reveals that his producer, Max Martin, made him sing “me” that way.

“But thank you Max, because now we have the meme of the century,” he said.

Both Twitter and Instagram are flooding the internet with well-timed meme posts and we’re loving every second of it. Technically it’s already May, but that’s not stopping users from posting. Here are a couple of our favorite tweets that caught our eye!

Whether or not you grew up to NSYNC or if you’re new to the meme, we can all appreciate a good break from finals.

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