Ja Rule & Billy McFarland Sued For Fyre Festival Fiasco









Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are finally getting what they deserve after taking people’s money and delivering crap back to them. The duo being the disastrous Fyre Festival are officially being sued.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Fyre Festival was created and promoted by McFarland and Ja Rule and promised a luxurious experience, with the best in art and food. People spent anywhere between $1200 and $100,000 a ticket and were met with the opposite of all expectations. Instead, festgoers were met with soaking wet tents for their “lodging accommodations,” lackluster cheese sandwiches instead of “gourmet food trucks” and for the most part, were completely stranded in the disorganized chaos waiting to get off the island. Even music acts were bailing on the event when they got wind of what was going on.

I personally can’t stop laughing at the photos, but mostly because I’m so happy I wasn’t there. People are speaking up and now Ja Rule and McFarland are being sued for a whopping $100 million even though they’ve publicly promised to refund the attendees’ money and give free VIP passes to next year’s event. Next year’s event? No thank you.

A concertgoer, who’s trying to set up a $150 million class action with the help of other disgruntled attendees, calls the festival a “get-rich-quick scam,” saying McFarland and Ja Rule knew months before the event that it was in crash-and-burn mode. The suit, filed by Mark Geragos, claims Billy and Ja Rule outright lied about the festival’s accommodations and safety. It claims that with the amount of money people spent on tickets, most of them were left frauded and disappointed in the end.

The lawsuit takes particular action against the tents that were supposed to be the so-called luxury accommodations. It even alleges that wild animals were roaming festival grounds, security was lacking and the medical team was not always present. The worst part is that it claims McFarland and Ja Rule warned celebs not to attend the event in advance, knowing it would be a disaster.

Here is the original advertisement. You can see that the expectations clearly did not match the reality:


Well, looks like we’ll be sticking to Coachella. Let’s just hope that in the end, these people get their money back.

[H/T: TMZ]

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