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Katy Perry Is In Trouble Again


Katy Perry has been taking some Ls lately, and the latest one sounds incredibly dire.

Perry’s plight began with an Instagram live video that many called offensive.

As commenters lamented Perry’s recent switch to blonde hair, asking her to bring back the darker locks, the singer sarcastically replied, “Do you miss Obama, too?”

The video definitely rubbed people the wrong way and the singer faced some criticism, with a few people digging into a previous incident mentioned in 2013 by The Weeknd’s producer, Mano.

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Twitter located Mano’s old tweets that discussed the “Bon Appetit” singer calling him and a group of friends the n-word. They clarified that they were uncomfortable with her use of the slur and apparently Perry didn’t understand their complaints.

After the tweets resurfaced, Mano provided further insight into his interaction with the singer.

According to the producer, the incident occurred right before Kanye West‘s Paris fashion show and there were witnesses.

He also expressed disbelief that anyone would accuse him of lying about something four years ago, especially after he hadn’t mentioned it since.

Finally, Mano reflected on the vindication that he received after her controversial comments about her hair and Barack Obama.

This isn’t the first time Katy Perry has faced major backlash for her treatment of race.

In the past (including as recently as last week), Perry was accused of cultural appropriation for her uses of Asian and African-American stereotypes and themes.

Her “This Is How We Do” video was incredibly controversial and for the most part, considered wildly offensive.

Recently, it seemed that the popstar was attempting to clean up her image, penning songs about white privilege (“Chained To The Rhythm”) and taking up for Hillary Clinton in the election.

Twitter isn’t exactly buying her “woke” act.

Perry has yet to respond to the whirlwind of allegations.

One word: YIKES.

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