Girls Are Wearing Mom’s Prom Dresses to Their Own Big Night — and Absolutely Killing It

girls wearing moms prom dresses

Jolynn Galdamez-Mckey/Facebook

Prom is the pinnacle of a girl’s high school career, so obviously she’s going to look her best. But in a growing trend, girls are skipping the mall and headed to their moms’ closets in search of the perfect prom dress.

…And believe it or not, but they look like queens.

My mom grew up in the Netherlands, so prom was not a thing for her. I know she still has her wedding dress somewhere, but I have been taller than her since fifth grade, so that’s not happening (not that I’m getting hitched anytime soon anyway). But these mamas are loving that their dress is getting a new life through their not-so-little girls.

Olivia Parker reached for her mom’s strapless little black dress for her big night.

“My friends all said I was lucky, their moms’ dresses were typical ’90s and not cool at all,” Olivia told “My mom has a great sense of style so I’m not surprised she would have a dress that’s still wearable 25 years later. She’s just one of those people. She was super happy I wore it and said it was worth dragging around all these years.”

And let’s face it – heading to Macy’s and spending $300 for a gown you’re likely only going to wear once isn’t that great when you think about it.

Just goes to show – you never know when trends are going to come back in style (still holding onto my Ugg boots in hopes that walking on pillows will someday be cool again).

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