Selena Gomez Matched Her Bag To Her Tattoo At The Met Gala

Selena Gomez stunned at the Met Gala and it was for more than just her outfit. She absolutely glowed and despite the fact that her dress was a little more muted, her beauty was most evident in her smile. Accompanied by her boyfriend, singer The Weeknd, as they made their red carpet debut, Gomez looked happy and though it sounds cheesy, it was obvious she is totally in love. As the saying goes, love is one of the best accessories.

And if her accessories were any indication, Selena Gomez is advocating for love, especially self-love.

Gomez’s tattoo proves it. The ink is an Arabic phrase meaning “love yourself first,” located on the right side of her back. It could be seen in glimpses thanks to the plunging back of her dress. It’s one of many tattoos, including a┬árecent semicolon tattoo she got with her 13 Reasons Why costars, but this one is a bit more rarely seen.

Gomez made sure that her tattoo had some translation with the help of not only a smile and PDA, but also a bag, courtesy of Coach. Gomez serves as a brand ambassador for the major fashion house and Coach shared some exclusive details on her custom accessory.

Not only is this meaningful, but it’s also pretty chic. Definitely would buy.

The bag and the tattoo matched perfectly and both the inspiration and the message were clear.

We aren’t the only ones happy to see Selena looking healthy and excited. Her mother also expressed her approval via Instagram. When The Weeknd posted their first couple’s snap on Insta, Mandy was quick to recognize the two for “glowing, smiling” and to say, “Mama is happy XO.”

Now that The Weeknd is mom-approved, we’re sure that we’ll see more of the couple. We’re also sure that we’ll get even more glimpses of Selena’s positive growth and self-love as time goes on.

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