This College Student Dropped Through The CEILING To Steal An Exam

Okay, so I know that wedging yourself into air vents to form a quick escape route, steal a wad of cash, or execute a top-secret spy mission happens in The Breakfast Club, Mission: Impossible, Bad Santa, Die Hard, Aliens, Paul Blart: Mall CopNo Country for Old Men, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and an episode or two of Pretty Little Liars, but apparently this isn’t just a ubiquitous action movie trope: it happens IRL as well.

Henry Lynch II, a University of Kentucky student, broke into his statistics professor’s office by squeezing through his school’s air ducts à la all of the above films. He then dropped down from the ceiling and let a co-conspirator into the office to steal the upcoming test, Teen Vogue reports.

While it was 1:30 in the morning, Professor John Caine was still near his office, and when he found himself blocked from the door, he called the police.

Lynch and his accomplice have been cited with third-degree burglary and the University of Kentucky’s Office of Student Conduct is dealing with the incident.

Furthermore, Lynch bragged that he has done this before, swiping an exam earlier in the semester without getting caught.

This guy should probably save the stunts for Tom Cruise Daniel Radcliffe Jennifer Lawrence and just study for his next exam.

That said, I would pay no small sum of money to watch the security footage of this attempted heist.

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