Hot Instagram Fitness Model Arrested For Armed Robbery

Hey, baby. Check out these guns. Now hand over the money.

Wait, that’s not how it went down?

Meet David Byers, a 34-year old fitness model known for his rugged looks and tatted body. He’s not afraid to show off his guns to the world. Literally. The Instagram model was arrested on Wednesday in the San Diego area for a string of armed robberies and vehicle theft. Oddly enough, the robberies were allegedly committed all the way in Connecticut. This slippery devil managed to elude cops in at least four states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona and, you guessed it, Connecticut.

Just how did Byers get away with it for so long?

After warranting his arrest, police made sure to stress Byers neck tattoo when describing the suspect. Many recognized the ink and linked it back to Michael Stokes, an Instagram photographer Byers often worked with.

Spoiler alert: Stokes’ IG page is very NSFW.

Many of Byers’ photos on Stokes’ page are incredibly sexual and masculine in nature. It takes a special kind of man to cuddle with a motorcycle butt naked, after all. I have questions, Stokes, but please don’t give me answers. Fans of Stokes’ IG page are familiar with Byers’ body (more so than the police, at least). I mean, once you’ve seen a man pose naked in the streets, it’s hard to forget it.

According to reports, Byers allegedly robbed a Riverside, Connecticut Chase Bank twice, as well as a gas station in Greenwich. I feel like he could be cast as a bad guy in a movie, but to actually do it in real life? Byers’ co-workers were shocked at the news, but none were more surprised than Stokes.

“I know he’s an unusual guy, but a bank robbery doesn’t seem like his thing,” said Stokes. “He’s always been so decent and respectful with me.”

Maybe all of the kinky motorcycle shots he has should have tipped us off that he’s hard to capture. I hate to say it, but I’m quite impressed with how long he managed to evade the police. Police were able to track him to a hotel bar in New York, but he was able to flee in a stolen vehicle. When he was later found in Pennsylvania, he managed to give them the slip again. Maybe he should have participated in that CBS show Hunted?

The Byers manhunt lasted almost a week before he was finally caught and detained. According to Men’s Health, Byers now faces charges of “first-degree robbery, robbery with a gun, two counts of third-degree robbery, two counts of felony larceny, and an additional count of reckless endangerment. Further charges are also expected.” Greenwich police are also seeking his extradition back to Connecticut.

Sorry Byers. Your days as a smooth criminal are over. But hey, I bet you’d look good in a prison photo shoot.

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