Ariel Winter Slammed Trolls Who Shamed Her For Dressing Up At An Event

Last Wednesday, Ariel Winter wore a cut-out, cleavage-bearing patterned gold dress to the Emmy’s Modern Family event. Last Wednesday, Ariel Winter was also trolled by thousands of commenters on Instagram.

They called her everything from a “wannabe Kardashian” to a variety of slut-shaming slurs too risqué for this website (and we have an expansive swear word vocabulary.)

“Sad she feels the need to dress this way,” one wrote to all of his adoring fans.
“Right out of a strip club… this child needs guidance,” another helpfully suggested, a true parenting expert.
“She is so insecure,” a close friend of hers bravely revealed.
(Yes, I harbor a deep-rooted abhorrence for internet trolls. Why do you ask?)

The comments became so heated that Winter eventually decided to step in yesterday (May 5), posting her own reaction to the backlash from her supposed fans.

“Why TF does anyone care that I didn’t dress casual?” She poses in her note. “As long as you feel good about yourself that’s what matters.”

Unfortunately, the comments section to her response isn’t much better… but one user got it right.

“I’m glad you’re bringing awareness to the fact that women are still HEAVILY shamed whenever they show control of their bodies,” she wrote.

Winter may have broken a suggested dress code — but she certainly does not deserve to be subjected to relentless slut-shaming and sexist slurs in response. Someday, I hope that will go without saying.

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