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This New Mom’s Photos Of Her Stretch Marks Are Making A Powerful Statement


Instagram/Abigail Wedlake

Mother’s Day is next Sunday (PSA, do not forget or you will have hell to pay) and one new mom, Abigail Wedlake, is making an important statement about giving birth — and what women’s bodies actually look like afterwards.

She took to Instagram to show off what her postpartum body looks like, posting photos of her stomach alongside her gorgeous daughter, clad in a fluffy tutu.

“The love of my life,” she captioned one photo, “We give up our bodies to create our children, our bodies change and gain perfect imperfections that we should be celebrating not shaming. Women are amazingly powerful creatures…stop the body shaming.”

One photo wasn’t enough to get her point across: she posted two more photos of her baby daughter, with equally empowering messages.

“A mark for every breath you took,” she writes in one, “I’ve earned my stripes and am embracing them more and more everyday.”

The posts have gained attention online, one garnering over 15,000 likes.

“I don’t even know you and I love you for this,” one user wrote.

Wedlake told People that she “wanted other mothers to see that they are not alone” and that “the loose skin and stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of.”

She related that she initially struggled to accept her body after the C-section birth, but one morning, her entire perspective changed.

“[I was] staring at the mirror holding my daughter I realized that these are earned. I carried her for nine months and earned these stretch marks and the cesarean scar below them,” she said.

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