Pop Rock-Infused Firework Oreos Are Here, So Get To Snacking

You heard it here folks, Firework Oreos are a real thing. Rumors have been circulating online about this mysterious flavor for a few months now, with many skeptical as to whether or not the cookie gods would actually release it to the public or let it live on as a local legend. Luckily for everyone born with a sweet tooth (myself included), these festive treats will be hitting grocery store shelves just in time for summer.


The new flavor combines the cookie we all know and love with red and blue pop rocks for that little extra spark. They’re pleasantly nostalgic, with a kick ’90s candy fans are sure to love, and not too out there as far as flavors go (I’m looking at you Peeps Oreos…). They’re also a great addition to any Fourth of July party. Just lay them out on the snack table, then grab a few for yourself in a Ziploc baggie right before you go to watch the real fireworks! Sounds like a pretty awesome way to celebrate to me.

But wait, there’s more! Oreo is asking fans to decide what the next Wonder Vault flavor should be. That’s right, you could be the one to pick what Oreo’s next flavor will be. Just submit your ideas using #MyOreoCreation #Contest on Instagram or Twitter. Oh, and did we mention the fact that you’d also be winning $500,000? Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

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