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S/O To This Girl For Totally Owning A Cringey Tinder Match


Twitter @scottcpilgrim

You never know who you’ll meet on Tinder. While it may be on a superficial level, you can tell quite a bit about a person from their photos and bio. Your next match could be a potential partner… or humanity’s worst nightmare. 19-year-old Angelica from Connecticut got the latter while on the app.

She told Buzzfeed News, “I never take it seriously,” in regards to the app. Like many, she uses it just to have a laugh, especially when she’s hanging out with her 15-year-old sister. Last week, she let her sister mess around on the app, which was when she came across a guy named Danny, whose profile picture was with Ronald McDonald. “My little sister thought it was funny,” Angelica said of the photo, and the two matched.

Of all the pickup lines Danny could have chosen, he went with this.

Angelica says, “At first I was baffled. I didn’t know what to say. I was like, who uses that as a pickup line?” After her response, Danny said, “I’m Catholic.” Then, she unmatched with him.

She added that, at first, she was offended, even after her friends told her not to take it seriously. She concluded that, “I gotta accept it, Tinder boys are dumb.” She thought it may make her friends laugh, so she tweeted the screenshot, and it quickly went viral. Naturally, the internet reacted as well as you think they would. 

If you had the choice to go on a date with someone you’ve never met or stop one of history’s most horrifying events, we hope you’d choose the latter. Maybe just go with a “how’s it going,” next time, Danny. That is, if Tinder lets you continue using the app.

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