Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Could Be Our Next President & We’re Not Mad, TBH









You’ve seen him as a helicopter pilot, CIA agent and Hercules. Now, The Rock may be who you’ll be calling the president of the United States in 2020. The former pro wrestler and actor could be calling all the shots on healthcare, immigration and more.

“It’s a real possibility,” Johnson told GQ. “A year ago, it started coming up more and more. There was a real sense of earnestness, which made me go home and think, ‘Let me really rethink my answer and make sure that is truthful and also respectful.”

Dwayne also has been vocal about his disapproval of current President Trump. “We all have issues, and we all gotta work our s**t out,” he continued. “And I feel like one of the qualities of a great leader is not shutting people out. I miss that part. Even if we disagree, we’ve got to figure it out.” As one of the most likeable celebrities in Hollywood and one of the highest paid actors, here are the reasons why The Rock would be great as POTUS.

1. His cultured background would come in handy.

Dwayne was born in California and grew up in New Zealand, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. He’s of Black Nova Scotian and Samoan descent and holds Canadian and American citizenship. This has no doubt given him a worldly perspective.

2. He understands the importance of commitment.

After being heavily involved in sports growing up, in his early 20s, he became a professional wrestler, winning several record-breaking championships. He’s listed as one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers.

3. He’s accustomed to being in the public eye.

With a professional career in sports and his transition to acting, he no doubt understands being the center of speculation.

4. He’s made a seamless career change before.

Transitioning from sports to acting, Dwayne made his mainstream debut in The Mummy Returns and followed up with roles in every career from football player to agent. He reprised several roles over the years, from the Fast and Furious franchise to the Scorpion King.

5. Dwayne has been involved in politics in the past.

Dwayne attended the 2000 Democratic National Convention as part of WWE’s campaign to convince young people to be involved and vote. As a registered Republican, Dwayne had a speaking role the same year at the Republican National Convention.

6. He has a cause to fight for.

In 2006, Dwayne founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity that works with terminally ill children.

Honestly, with Trump having been elected, anything is possible. Dwayne just would have to beat out Kanye first.

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